Friday, January 30, 2009

No March ski trip for me

United Airlines sent me an email about a promtion where the flights to certain ski cities would be really, really cheap depending on what day you left and returned. This would allow me to spend 3 nights and 2 ski days in Jackson Hole, WY for as little as $565 for flight, lodging, and lift tickets. Gunnison/Crested Butte, CO for $154.50 airfare, $180 or so for lodging, $164 for lift tickets, $500 until you add the rental car, which was surpsingly high. No rental car needed in Jackson Hole.

I'm so tempted to do this, especially Jackson Hole, taking off on Sunday, returning on Wednesday as the deal is only for certain to and from dates. But when you factor in food costs, I have enough travel (Annapolis race, Cumberland race, Colorado in September) as it is, and really can't afford to spend that kind of money right now. Schucks. But oh well.

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