Sunday, January 18, 2009

Help me stop being so indecisive

With regards to social and even exercise activities, I am far too indecisive for my liking. The inaugural concert is four hours away and I still have not decided if I am going or not. Sad, but true. I have deicded that my 16 mile run is waiting until tomorrow, while I will do my "Belle Haven Hills" run in a few minutes. But help me with this, why can't I decide what I am going to do with my non-work life. Why can't I just choose a choice and go with it full steam ahead?

I wrestled with the decision to not go on a long run yesterday because the "Feels Like" index for 8 am was 1 degree. Right choice, as I had a good spinning and weights workout. But I can't be decisive for two days in a row and that bugs me. Help me.

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