Monday, January 26, 2009

T is for

Charlotte Harris took part in a game of Internet tag, then I did. She got letter R, I got letter T. Now, to post about 10 things I really like (love is a very strong word for a lot of these) that begin with the letter T. These are in no particular order, totally off the cuff or whatever, what was on my mind tonight, but 1 is probably my favorite:

10. Tesla Motors: Electric car, burns no oil. Yeah! If I could afford it I would do almost anything to get one of those. 3.9 seconds 0 to 60? Yeah if you ever had to stop on a highway, you have a lot less of an issue getting back on the highway. The 244 miles per charge, while it won't get you through any long trips, is a fantastic start!

9. Tesla the rock band: One of the most underrated bands of the late 80s era, I've learned that they are releasing another disc. Cool! Remember Modern Day Cowboy? The Way It Is? Song and Emotion? Edison's Medicine? Little Suzi? Great songs. No Machines. Straightforward rock with a touch of blues. Great stuff.

8. Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee. I need to get some, maybe Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will still have it.

7. Telluride. Even though I have never been there, it looks like the kind of place I'd love. Great Ski area, gondola to take you to and from town and the ski area, authentic Victorian town tucked into a box canyon. Tough to get to, which keeps the jackasses, asshats, and general douches out. If American Airlines or whoever ever offers a vacaton deal to go there again, and I have the leave, I am so there.

12. Tom Brady. September ain't far away, haters. He's worthy of 2 6s.

5. Tenleytown. Why? Don't know, just like the name. Kind of corporate, cheesy, and sterile, but near Fort Reno and American University. And its is the highest point in DC elevation-wise, even though it did not seem like it when I ran up Wisconsin Avenue from Georgetown to the MD border.

4. Turbo Tax: Lets me do my taxes in under an hour. Which reminds me, I need to go get it for this year so I can just get them overwith when my other 2008 employer sends me my W-2. I ain't got tons of time to waste on taxes. So something that makes my life easier and begins with T gets on this list.

3. Time from mid March through early November, otherwise known as Daylight Savings Time. Just switch to it year round already. I love being able to run at 7 pm without four lights on, have daylight until 7 pm for 4 months or close to 9 for a couple months. Getting out of work in broad daylight. Starting my Pikes Peak Hike at 5 am knowing I have 2 hours before the sun's up so I can hike in the cool sunrise. What's not to love?

2. Tea: Green Tea, White Tea, Iced Tea. Sweet Tea. After last call beer, I mean Cold Tea. Pumpkin Spice Tea, Cinnamon Tea. Boulder Dushanbe Tea House. Hell, even licorice tea. It's all good. Not yellow tea though, you know what they said about not eating yellow snow. Don't heat it up to be tea.

1. Trail Running. One of my dearest activities to my heart. Few things like getting outside away from it all when you can hear the leaves underneath your feet. Running on a pure trail as is, climbs, drops, rolling mini hills, having to watch your feet everywhere causes you to concentrate more. Not to mention having to watch for things like tree roots keeps the faster peeps from getting too far ahead of me. he he - Seriously, trail running puts me at peace for nearly a whole day. Burke Lake Park? Fountainhead Regional Park? Prince William Forest Park? Great Falls, VA? Yeah! Find me some more places to trail run and I'm there. Catoctin in Maryland? Uum, hike one day, trail run the next, camp in between? Yup.


Bill-DC said...

In no particular order:

Terrapins. Football season ticket holder since 2004 and I get to a couple hoops games in person when I can. Lived and died with them on TV, radio since I was four years old.

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out-One of my favorite Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band songs.

Tee Off-Even though I stink at golf and I don't get to play it as much as I used to, I still love an afternoon joking around the golf course with the fellas.

Travel & Time Off-Love to whenever we can get out of town.

Tunes-Music is playing in the backgound at work, in the car, when I work out.

TO-Cowboys receiver, he's alway entertaining. Ultimate "It's all about me" player.

Third Strike-I see a lot of them following the Nationals and Orioles and its not by the pitchers.

Tim Tebow-because according to FOX accouncer Thom Brennaman, fifteen minutes with him can change your life.

Thanksgiving-Nudges out the Fourth of July as my favorite holiday.

Tailgate Parties-See the first one, a staple before any football game and in lot 8 at RFK for DC United games.

charlotteharris said...

nicely done Jeff... that reminds me I need to get Turbo Tax too!

maryjanejeff said...

Interesting take on TO. I wonder if he's gonna get canned by the Cowboys. If anyone else wants to play, post here and I'll tag you.

maryjanejeff said...

And I'll get Turbo Tax over the weekend. Not looking forward to dropping $59 plus e-filing fees, but it's worth it.