Sunday, January 18, 2009

I went to The Concert

I got out of the Smithsonian metro stop at 2:35 pm, was on the mall by the time it started. Being a "native" really helped me maneuver through the Metro stop. I ended up just downslope to the west from the Washington Monument. It was an absolutely, positive fantastic experience, even with all the people who wanted to cut in front of where I was to jump down on to the walkway to get closer. The walkway was 40 feet to the west of me without a jump, only one couple was really rude after we told them where the path was to get closer. Everyone else was good about it.

Even though hearing and seeing the jumbotron was challenging at times, it was definitely worth going. An amazing performance by all involved. Garth Brooks, Usher/Stevie Wonder/everyone, and The Boss / Pete Seeger especially stood out. It was chilling just to be there when Obama was speaking; today it was very, very good to be chilly.

Being a native really helped me get home in just over an hour, even with a 20 minute walk home from Metro. Even if it was away from where I was going, I walked up to Gallery Place/Chinatown to make sure I got on a train and wasn't waiting at a platform for hours on end. Worked for me, got on the train before it got crowded at L'Enfant and most of the crowd was still at the Smithsonian Station.


zandria said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! I was too much of a wuss and decided to stay away. Smart thinking to walk farther away since you were about to get a train without too much trouble. :)

maryjanejeff said...

Even if I had left right after it was over, I would have been waiting for an absolute minimum of 15 minutes just to get into the station. The people who milled around and don't know the metro system, and by observations there were a lot of people who didn't, would have waited for a long as the concert lasted to get on a train.

I was initially walking to Convention Center but saw that there were not a lot of people around Gallery Place.

Sometimes you take the long way to shorten the trip!

Bill-DC said...

Great trip Jeff. I would have loved to have gone but it was Weena's birthday and we had plans. I did catch the show live and again on the HBO replay and what a show. Bruce chilled me, first with the choir, then with Pete Seeger, who I believe is 90 years old.

Mellencamp, who I'm not much of a fan of, rocked on Pink Houses. I hope that becomes available on DVD as I want a keepsake of this.

maryjanejeff said...

Well, Weena's birthday is pretty important. :) I forgot to mention Mellencamp in my recap, and I am a fan of his. I also hope a DVD comes of this, since I do not have HBO, nor do I have a DVD player not attached to my laptop, nor TiVo.

Still unsure, see my indecisiveness post, if I'm riding in or running in tomorrow. Depends on how early my friend who's biking in goes in. I just want to see the swearing in ceremony and inaugural speech so as long as I'm on The Mall, I'm free.

maryjanejeff said...

Went to the American History museums today. Walked across the grass on the Mall, oh wait it was all crushed and gone. Well worth it, the grass will return this spring, the promise of a new America is much more important.