Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy 2009! Year Three of a 1/1 Tradition

Happy 2009 all! I took part in year three of what is a new tradition for me, live hockey in DC on New Years Day. This year's game was at night versus the Tampa Bay Lightning. Despite long periods of sloppiness, the home Capitals won 7-4 against a Tampa team, while playing a bit better recently, is plain bad.

Odd game, I hope Tampa's Jamie Heward is okay. Ovechkin hit him as part of the play, Heward suffered a concussion, it looked like he was going to get up before he sprawled to the ice, it was like a delayed injury, I thought it might have been spasms near the neck a couple seconds after the initial shock. Both the stretcher and flatboard were brought out, never a good thing. The people carrying the flatboard weren't the speediest, maybe because they didn't want to slip on the ice and become bad injuries #2 and 3. But it didn't look good either, as my buddy Bill mentioned, a little urgency here, fellas. From what I've gathered since the game, Heward was held overnight and should end up being okay fairly soon.

At the very end of the game, this assclown on Tampa tried picking a fight with Matt Bradley, who basically told him, take off the helmet with the visor or no deal. This is the same assclown who started a fight with a guy on the Florida Panthers last week, and got smacked down by Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada and deservedly so. Not to mention that he ran Mike Green on his previous shift. He's the new assclown of the week. Of course he knows if he takes his helmet off, Bradley beats him up and adds to his 1st Star profile for the evening, earning the Gordie Howe Hat Trick (goal, assist, fight) in the process.

1/1/09 was a good day. Hockey, 5 mile run with the running group, slept in, got my laundry done, freeing up time this weekend in the process. I'm not going to make any resolutions that I can't or won't keep. But I did weigh myself and adjust for clothes to get the 1/1 measurement. I really want to keep the 35 pounds I lost off, but am holding off on getting new clothes until I'm sure it stays off. I don't plan on pulling a three peat of the 15 lost pounds by St. Patrick's Day since I'm happy to report I'm at the "toughest to lose" stage. I also need to study for my MCSA Security track, we'll see how that goes. Happy New Year!

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