Sunday, February 01, 2009

I've finally decompressed from my visit to the Social Security Office

To make a long story short, my social security card was in such bad, tattered shape that I finally decided to go get a new one should I ever need it again. Application: no problem. Metro Trip last Monday to Dupont? That was okay. Sitting in the waiting room for two hours just to hand over an application and get a printed for saying I have a social security number and mine was in the mail? Not so cool. That was two of the most aggravating hours I had experienced in years. I totally realize that a lot of people are going through hard times and I have been relatively lucky. That does not mean I ever want to visit that office ever again and seeing that disorganized, messy clusterf***. Messy, sloppy, I'll stop there. At least I got to eat a nice lunch at Port of Pireaus and when I asked the person who took my application if the card was the most beat up she ever saw, she replied yes.

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