Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Another reason why I am not a big fan of ear buds

I'm sure I've received funny looks for wearing the old school headphones with my MP3 player instead of the modern ear buds. Well, the ear buds bug my ears from time to time. I genrally only wear them when I'm running and have a ski cap on; it's more comfortable that way. All other times, I usually use go old school. Maybe moreso now because with the ear buds on last night on Metro....................I totally missed the announcement before Pentagon Station that my yellow line train was suddenly a blue line train because they were behind. Or something.

Now Why I Hate DC would just blame Metro. I share the blame. Why Metro did this I don't really know. But........I should have heard the announcement, and the old headphones allow just enough outside noise that I would have heard it. I had no idea what was up until the train sped past Eisenhower Ave instead of stopping. This cost me a spin class since I didn't get back from Van Dorn to King to Huntington in time, then the shuttle bus to my apartment was full. Damn.

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