Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stay tuned for Jeff's Yoga Project

I know I have a such a huge readership, but I'm going to start blogging about my newfound experiences with yoga. Well, whenever I actually start attempting to take classes. But I'm researching what might be best for me. Probably Pure Prana in Alexandria, or possibly Dahn yoga. Unless you think I can handle hot yoga.

Step one in the Jeff's Yoga Project: Make sure that the workout clothes I have will suffice for yoga, in other words I need to wear stuff that will at least make it look like I am more than a clueless jackass. I'm working on this but post suggestions, trust me they are appreciated.

I'm looking forward to this, as I think it will help me with my fitness and health goals. And it will be fun once I actually know what I'm doing. And it will be a new activity for me.


djwiersma said...

I usually go with baggy running shorts and a running shirt. Usually have to tuck in the shirt, though, for headstands which probably makes me look dorky.

I don't really know what the yoga styles are. Right now, I'm in a beginning class that tries to do "flow" or "breath" yoga. It's okay, but I think when you're moving quickly between poses, you never focus on form, which as a beginner is important to keep from injuring oneself.


zandria said...

I've only ever done yoga in a gym, and the last time I went was months ago. The gym I go to now offers classes a few times a week, but I haven't taken advantage of it. I really should though, because the times I DID take the classes last year, I did enjoy it. (And felt extra-stretchy afterward!) :)

maryjanejeff said...

I've ordered a yoga mat and mat bag from REI Outlet, so I'm taking baby steps. I may order one of those beginning yoga kits with a DVD or two the help me start out at home.

I'm looking at the Mind the Mat, Pure Prana, and Gold's schedules and putting every class that I can make on a spreadsheet that I can work with. I've been advised to go with vinyasa yoga so I'll probably give that preference.

One thing I have done is eliminate vikkram. I had to leave the sauna at Gold's tonight after 10 minutes so that double confirmed no more thinking about it.