Sunday, February 01, 2009

Frustrated and need more hobbies

A few weeks ago I asked for help curing my addiction to baseball. Now, me, a too much of a sports junkie for his own good, need more help. Wean me off of pretty much everything besides NHL hockey and soccer, since I am more "meh" about pro sports with each passing day. Even more ideas of ways to occupy my leisure time are appreciated, especially on weeknights when I'm here in a suburban environment. I just get frustrated with a lot that goes on. NHL Hockey I can still enjoy regardless who is playing. Same for soccer, most of the time. But I want more of a life, help me get it. More interests, more hobbies. I do okay with running and going to the gym. I think I need to start researching yoga a little more.


djwiersma said...

I've felt yoga definitely helps the running.

maryjanejeff said...

A lot of people in my running group go to yoga. I'm thinking Pure Prana or Dahn. Both have been advised to me in the past. No vikkram or hot yoga though, I can't stay in a sauna for more than 12 minutes. Not happening.