Friday, January 25, 2008

The place I'm going skiing at tomorrow may not even have 500 feet vertical. Why am I jacked up to go?

As many of you know, I spent four fantastic years in Colorado, skiing at some of the greatest areas known to humankind. I'm in Alexandria, VA now, and you're probably wondering why am I so jacked up to ski tomorrow night at Liberty Mountain, PA? A rinky dink hill like that, and at NIGHT? Of all times?

Well, is it going to be Colorado even on one of their bad days where it hasn't snowed for two weeks (and yes it does happen)? No. But I don't care. It's skiing, getting outside and cruising down the hill. Breathing fresh, hill, countryside air. Making turns on the snow. Stories from strangers on the lift. Even if I'll have to use my edges more now that I'm back on the east coast, as my buddy Adam says, it ain't much but the hardpacked snow will make you a better skier. Not to mention getting out of the city is always nice.

Since moving here I've taken the following approach towards skiing and hiking, no 2000 feet of vertical a half hour away anymore, make do with what you have and be creative if you want to get a tough workout in. I can't wait to do that tomorrow night. Bon voyage.

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