Monday, February 11, 2008

Comprehensive Review of G2?

Yeah, G2 is the new low calorie version of Gatorade. The normally excellent brand tried to capitalize on the new, low calorie, more healthy, trend, and failed. I've talked to several people who were wondering what the deal was with G2. Here's the deal, while it has half the calories of regular Gatorade, it has less than half the taste. In fact, it tastes like Kool Aid with too little powder in the mix. I'm all for not taking in excessive, useless calories. But, I drink Gatorade for three reasons:

1. To replenish after a workout or run
2. To help stay hydrated for whatever reason
3. If I'm hungover, a bottle just after waking up helps mitigate the effects

G2 is much ado about nothing. Keep the regular stuff and cut the calories elsewhere. The End.


Bill-DC said...
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Bill-DC said...

I've used it when Benjamin's been sick. Works pretty well in keeping him hydrated.

This stuff was money when I used to caddy in the summer here.

maryjanejeff said...

G2? I guess we disagree then. :) Regular Gatorade is my cup of tea. Powerade is a nice alternative even though I find it to be a bit more sugary. The latter has improved in the sugar regard since it's first incarnations. I used to like 10K in the mid 90s but it never took off brandwise.