Monday, February 11, 2008

Therapy and Spring Skiing in February

Yeah, I'm still in self-therapy about the Patriots loss in last week's Super Bowl. Or something like that. It hurt like hell sure, but it was a very valuable lesson as well. Don't get too emotionally wrapped up in the games, definitely don't let your teams define you and/or who you are. Enjoy the games for what they are, have a good time, but they're games, they don't put food on your plate, they don't pay your bills, they don't help you succeed at your job. Unless you're one of the few who wins betting sportsbooks.

Does the Pats loss suck, especially after pursuing perfection for so long? Definitely. Do I wish they lost in Baltimore to take a lot of that pressure off in hindsight? Yeah. Did I personally really lose anything beyond the ultimate comeback in smack talk for life (I don't initiate it)? No, not really, it's a game. I have too many other things going on to let it get me down. Besides, if fans of other teams besides the Giants pop off too much..........Fore! What did you beat the Pats in besides accumulating the Country Club equivalent of frequent flyer miles? :) 4 Super Bowls in 7 years, 3 Wins, 2 World Series Championships for the Red Sox in 4 years, the rejuvenation of the Celtics......Boston and New England sports fans still have it pretty damn good.

Therapy via skiing, Saturday my apartment complex ran a trip to Whitetail Ski Area. 90 minute bus ride, plenty of sleep on the way up, a relaxing day of skiing, worked for me. This hill was a bit more straight trail-wise, i.e right down the hill do the lifts, not winding trails like you find in most northeastern ski areas, but it's still skiing.

Spring skiing in February was a little odd to say the least. It was warm all week in the area, so coverage was limited. And slushy snow makes you work harder than you usually would have to in February. But I still had a good time, even if I was the only one on the trip on the black diamond trails. The cool conversations about skiing on the lifts are the same wherever you go, avoiding the overpriced food in the cafeterias is the same ($4 for a Gatorade, are you sick?), and while snow quality isn't the same as out west, it's still fun to get out. I just don't go as often anymore, but I'll get over it.

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