Thursday, February 28, 2008

Recent, Random, Cool Things I've Seen Recently

Last Friday night I went to see Steep, a movie about skiing steep, steeper, and steepest lines. This review in the Washington Post pretty much sums up the movie. I am an avid skier, even though I hardly get to go anymore, and don't want to spend $3.15/gallon gas to go to the smaller slopes right now. Then again, after seeing this movie, which traced skiing of uber-steep slopes all the way back to Grand Teton in the 1970s, I wanted to go ski the next morning but couldn't because of prior commitments. Big mountain skiing looks like the most fun thing ever, I just wish my limits weren't black diamonds in Colorado's resorts. May Doug Coombs be blessed forever.

Other random cool stuff I've seen, I walked out of the theater in DC with some friends. I saw a street musician playing a sax near the corner of 11th and E. Not only was the guy good, but he was playing.........the theme song of Sanford and Son!!!! Just for that he got a little cash. Not what I expected, nor was seeing a University of Cincinnati hoops player go to the ATM near Metro Center right after me (they were in town to pay Georgetown the next day). Both were pretty cool things.

Today, I'm getting off the shuttle bus, heading to my apartment, and a guy with a Ireland Scarf sees my Red Sox ski cap, then tells me Clemens was not on steroids. I walk a bit, gather thoughts since I wasn't expecting this impromptu conversation, then crack up and say "C'Mon Man!" His response, "and I believe in the tooth fairy." That makes me laugh now, 3 hours later. Everytime I wear a Red Sox cap or hat, I end up in conversation. That's a good thing. I don't get sworn at very often which is cool. It's even cooler when Yankees fans, or I assume they are when have their hat on, no longer smirk at you.

Remember my mid-majors post? Butler is on again!!!!! ESPNU! They're off to a great start tonight against Wright State, who beat them earlier this year. Televise every Butler home game. They play where they filmed Hoosiers. Wright State had a sub head over to the table to check in before the game was a minute old, FWIW.

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