Monday, January 21, 2008

Super Bowl Time - 320 hours away

It's just after 10:30 am on Monday morning, and I'm in complete geek Super Bowl mode, that's how I know the kickoff is 320 hours away. As you may now, I have watched the New England Patriots since I was barely old enough to speak. We all know what this season has been like, so I don't need to re-hash it here. You've seen it all 399 times already. Yesterday's game was a little odd, it reminded me of the last Patriots Super Bowl when you never thought they were in any real danger of losing, even when down early, but it was a struggle nonetheless. The difference this time was the turnovers the Pats committed. Murphys Pub was as packed as I've ever seen it for a Sunday game, but not as raucous as say, the Colts game earlier this year when half of us wanted to throw the officials out the second floor window. But the game itself dictates a lot of that, it was your January struggle with some momentum swings but no real bad calls to piss anyone off, only one scuffle between hated rivals, you name it. But it was a great time as usual, and Hi Ho Hi Ho, Off to Glendale we go!

Now I want to give some mad props to our Super Bowl opponent, The New York Football Giants. Remember all the controversy about "they're the five seed no matter what", "should they even bother playing their starters", "can they even stop the Pats from being 16-0 anyway", et al? Well, those who rested starters in Week 17, where are they now? Tampa Bay? Got steamrolled by the Giants on the wild card weekend in one of those games where the winning team wasn't in danger at any time, even when down 7-0. Colts? AH HA AH HA AH HA AH HA AH HA AH HA AH HA AH HA AH HA AH HA!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving me $70 in a playoff picks pool as I was the only one of 14 entries who picked San Diego in round 2!

Back to the Giants as I get back on track, mad props for what they did, only the third team to make the Super Bowl by winning three in a row on the road. Took Tampa out with ease, took the two haymakers Dallas delivered in the first half before delivering a bigger one just before halftime on their way to the second win, and won the struggle in Antartica, I mean Green Bay. Tremendous accomplishment, especially with all the questions about their secondary. Now, said secondary may get exposed in two weeks (I hope so), but now's the time to give them their due props for their planning and execution. Very impressive! Well done!

Finally, it will be at least a generation before any playoff team pulls and "El Grande Siesta" for their starters in week 17 in the copy-cat world of the NFL. The Giants run began when they gave the Pats all they could handle in a game most "experts" thought they had no business even trying to compete in, save for the one in one hundred chance to end the quest for 19-0. Awesome job, NYFG, you deserve it. Even you, Eli Manning. Your brother is still a pompous media whore though.


Bill-DC said...

I hate the two weeks in between the conference title games and the SB. The only thing good about the wait is when ESPN classic replays all the Super Bowls and I stay up until 3:00 AM to watch Super Bowl XVII and Riggo's 4th and 1 all over again.

maryjanejeff said...

I remember that 4th and 1. That was back in the day, I think I was 7 when that happened.