Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fairfax County's longest running cold

I have it. Or at least I think I do. I went to a holiday party at early December, had a great time, had some wine, and some Sam Adams too. The next morning, not so much fun. To start, the after effects of the night, even after I drank lots of water before going to bed, were almost as bad as they had ever been for me. Then I came down with a cold...which is significant because it's January 15...and I still have a cold.

The hacking, half a pack of cough drops a day cough has somewhat gone away, you can say it's calmed down a bit. But it hasn't gone completely away. It's definitely nice to not feel like I'm about to cough myself into a broken lung for ten minutes after I wake up, but I still do get coughing spells once in a while. I've tried running a huimdifier in my apartment since it's real dry here for some reason. That helps a bit. Running outside in the snow last month? Believe it or not, during the stretch where the cold was at its worst, that helped for a a day or two.

I'm good at not going right out into the chilly temps after a workout or run. But I still can't shake this cold completely. Do I need to accept that I'll always be tired and have a cold? Drink more herbal tea? Continue my pledge not to foray into wine drinking anymore? Or maybe just say it's allergies?

Next blog entry will be .... I dunno when this cold gets worse, maybe.

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