Thursday, January 10, 2008

Viva Mid Majors! And Sometimes It's Better To Fall In The Creek.

Okay, I didn't go to fun run tonight because it was raining. Well actually, I am still shaking the remnants of a cold I've had for a month so the rain would have helped bring that back. Even with the proper clothing, it's when I stop running in cold, damp temps and am travelling home from wherever the run ends that is the concern.

But enough of that. I was waiting for Keith Olbermann to show how he somehow got into a Rudy Giuliani campaign ad but he was taking too long to do so, so on my TV goes college basketball. And what did I watch, not the usual Thursday night 7th vs 9th place team from the major conferences, I found some mid-major games! Why do I want to see VCU vs Georgia State and Butler vs Wisconsin-Green Bay instead of the big time teams? Well, the mid majors usually only get on TV a couple times a year unless they make March Madness, so they always come to play. On top of that, it's cool to see games from more traditional buildings such as Butler's, that's 80 years old and an old school fieldhouse, instead of 17,000 empty seats in MSG for a St. John's game. Furthermore, seeing different teams on TV is cool. Finally, Bracket Buster Saturday in February helps me pick the teams that are going to pull upsets in March before anyone else.

So, yeah I'm going to watch some more of this Butler game before I go to bed. But not until I give you this piece of advice. If you're crossing a small stream while hiking, start slipping on a wet rock, and are putting too much pressure on one leg to try to stay up and about.... Just fall in the creek, cross your arms so you don't smash your hands and wrists, tuck your neck in so you don't hit your head on anything, and fall on your butt. You're only going to fall a foot or two, there won't be any pointed, jagged rocks to break your back on, and your clothes wick the moisture away so they'll dry quickly. Worked for me! My buddy Brian is convinced, and I am too, that I would have blown out a knee. Take the safe route and fall, it's good for a laugh too. As long as you're hiking up Cedar Run and not down it, it's too slick to hike down.

Okay, we hiked this in October but I just got around to restarting my blog tonight. Check out my Fairfax County Restaurant Reviews, as I go to more I'll post more.


Bill-DC said...

Glad you're back. I watched Davidson at Elon last night and seeing the old gym brough back memories (I'm an '85 graduate of Elon). There were times I thought I was watching an episode of The White Shadow though since that gym only holds about 3,500. Davidson won 59-57. Good game. I love the mid majors.

maryjanejeff said...

It's more of an old time feel with them, that's for sure. Glad to hear you got to see the game. My friend Karoline is an Elon grad, 98 or 99 I believe.

Davidson played the whole state of North Carolina this year! All three triangle schools, Elon, they did miss Wake and App State (I think).

maryjanejeff said...

Another mid major classic tonight, Wisconsin-Milwaukee (remember them?) is about to upset 10th ranked Butler.

maryjanejeff said...


UWM needed a 3 with :00.8 left to force OT. Butler took it from there.