Saturday, January 19, 2008

Battery fixed, spin class, and 36 packs of beer

After a brief but understandable delay Friday morning, my battery got replaced. A 3 year unlimited warranty, then 3 years service warranty of some sort beyond that. Car runs great now, for the limited times I need it. Works for me. I made it to my spin class this morning, which made me really happy. Why do I go to the gym to a ride a bike instead of riding outside? Well, I workout at the gym, it has all the exercise equipment I need, the only things missing are a hot tub and pool. It's a quick workout too, one hour, that keeps me in some resemblance of shape (I really need to watch my weight so other health issues don't come about as by-products). On top of that, if you've been to the Washington area you know the climate ain't ideal for outdoor exercise for a lot of the year. Not to mention that while I will and often like to run in the rain, bike ride? No. Don't feel like riding outside with wet brakes. Not safe. Not fun. Female-male ratio? Appealing, no question, even though it's not why I go to spin class. There you go.

How the heck do 36 packs of beer fit into all of this? They don't, but while I was food shopping on the way home from the gym, I thought about picking up some beer for the weekend. From time to time I wonder what happened to the good old classic 30 pack, what you buy during college and just out of college years because you and your friends want lots of beer that you can carry easily. Well, I got my answer today. The 30 pack is apparently no more. In its place is THE 36 PACK!!! We're getting closer to those lost weekend skits, people! 36 packs of beer! Party time, tailgate time. Oh wait, nevermind, Coors Light is what you drink when no other options are available, Bud and Bud Light suck ass, and they cost $21 on special anyways. For $21 I can go out and buy a couple bottles of decent wine had my wine experiment not ended last month after the worst hangover I've had in ten years. Or I can get 3 6 packs of quality beer. Or I can stay sober and use that money for something else. Not a bad alternative if I want to keep weight off, not feel like I got run over by a Mack truck the next morning, you name it. But I imagine by 2012 we'll have 48 packs.


Bill-DC said...

I used to plow through Stroh's 30 packs in the mid '80's during my drinking hey-day. Sometimes I would stash two in a spot I knew I would pass on the post midnight stagger home from the bars. Usually it was a set of bushes.

Good security to know I had a couple waiting for me to get me through that stagger home. That's how the alcoholic in me thought then. The extra brews allowed me to do that. If I forgot them, so be it as it was Stroh's.

I never thought to buy one of those big keg cans even thought it was probably more cost effective.
Back then Heineken made these and not many other beer companies.

Almost 20 years have passed since I gave up drinking but I still have the stories to enterain folks with...

maryjanejeff said...

Major kudos to you Bill for giving drinking up.

I don't go to liquor stores all that often but whenever I see a big keg can, it's usually a Heineken.

The good thing about having to drive home last night was that it kept me to one beer then "driving home" beer, a.k.a. non-alcoholic. Better for my teeth and stomach than sugar water, I mean soda.