Thursday, July 10, 2008

World Cup Getting The Boot From South Africa?

2010's World Cup is scheduled to be in South Africa. Whether or not it's actually there in 2010 has been up for debate for a while. Official word came down that FIFA President Sepp Blatter has had talks with three countries' Football Associations / Federations / yadda yadda about serving as alternate sites should something prevent South Africa from serving as host. Count me in the unsurprised camp on this one. There's been talk of security concerns since pretty much the day they were awarded the World Cup. All I hear and read is those concerns are still prevalent. A lesser concern is one of the main stadiums won't be ready for next year's Confederations Cup, a tournament of basically regional champions and the host country that is supposed to be the infrastructure tune-up for the real deal the next year. This isn't a huge deal given all the hyper, the sky is falling thoughts about Greece not having their facilities ready on time (they did when all was said and done). A significant concern is reports of a large TB outbreak that is happening at the moment. I feel for those affected by it, but if that doesn't get under control soon, it's time to give real thought to pulling the tournament in the name of preventing a potential catastrophe along the lines of thousands catching this and going back to all corners of the globe and spreading it, in many case unknowingly.

Now, let's play a guessing game. Which three countries did Mr. Blatter talk to? My educated guesses are England, Spain, and the US. Think nations with lots of facilities (i.e. stadiums) for a competition of this magnitude. Think infrastructure. FWIW, I did not put France or Germany under consideration since they hosted it so recently and didn't think they'd get an emergency tourney as a result (why did they get it again?).

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