Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Old 97's at 9:30 Club

I went to 9:30 Club last night for the Old 97s. Other than my buddy got caught up at a job site and couldn't make it, it was a good show. Shit happens, I wish he could have made it though, was a good show. First opening bad, the Spring Standard, was decent. Rhett Miller produced their CD FWIW. The second band was okay too, I didn't catch their name but they were from El Paso.

I enjoyed the $3 happy hour Guinness at Duke's House on U and 12th at lot more than the $8 ones at the Club. Keep in mind that if I had known my buddy was gonna have issues getting there I probably wouldn't have drank beyond the $3 beer, that was my only regret. Old 97s didn't take the stage until 9:40 or so, too late for this old 34 year old who is in bed by 11 unless he has plans to be out. They put on a good show though. Very fast paced, not a lot of in between songs banter, sounded like seasoned pros.

I hadn't been to 9:30 in a while but now I have a better idea of what to expect when I go there next. The club didn't really get packed until 9 or so, between 8 and 9 no one really came through the doors. IF I so see Squeeze, I now know not to get there until 8:30 at the absolute earliest. Doors open at 7:30, I really don't need to see Spring Standard again (nothing against them but I can use that hour sleeping or doing other stuff). I stand wherever the crew does but try to stay away from the immediate front for many reasons.


Bill-DC said...

You should check out Squeeze. You never know if they'll be back again.

One place I've discovered in my own back yard is Wolf Trap. Weena and I went to see Earth Wind & Fire there and this past Monday I saw Crosby Stills & Nash. I'm tempted to go see the '80's bash they have lined up August 26th (Naked Eyes, Belinda Carlisle, ABC and others). Anyway, it's a great venue to check out a show.

maryjanejeff said...

Human League is also playing that night. i heard some of the commercials. I have not been to a show at Wolf Trap, I should but the budget doesn't allow for it.