Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brett Favre situation: not a good one all around

If you follow NFL Football and have not just crawled out from under a ten million pound rock, you know that Brett Favre wants to return to the NFL but not with the Green Bay Packers, who IMHO rightly refused his request to be released. Rumor has it that he wants to go play for the Minnesota Vikings. Yeah, Green Bay's really going to do that. If Green Bay lets him go anywhere, it will be somewhere in the AFC who the Pack won't play this season, as John Fricke and Lincoln Kennedy alluded to on Fox Sports Radio yesterday.

This is obviously a bad situation for the Packers and for Favre. His legacy is almost unparalled in today's modern sports world, you don't think that will take a Lake Michigan sized hit in a lot of people's minds if this goes on for too long? Especially if he somehow worms his way to the hated Vikings or still disliked Buccaneers? The current word is that the Packers would welcome him back as a backup to Aaron Rodgers. That will rip the team apart before the season even began.

Who else would this be not ideal for? Even if he did end up with the Vikings, I'm not convinced it would be good for them. Would Favre be an immediate improvement at the quarterback position on a team many think can make a Super Bowl run? Yes. But, as great as he has been throughout his career, he takes a lot of unnecessary risks that lead to bad interceptions. This was especially true in past years when he receiver pool was not deep. Minnesota has Bernard Berrian to stretch a defense but not a ton of talent otherwise.

Their offensive game plan needs to be: Run. Adrian Peterson. Left. Side. Run backup. Left side. Run third string RB. Left Side. Bringing in Favre would make it too tempting to throw the ball 40 plus times a game when the strengths of your team are ball control, run behind McKinnie and Hutch and defense, which will be one of the best units in the league. If I'm a Vikings fan, if you could even get over your bitter rival coming to play for you, would you not be concerned about too radical a departure from the ideal game plan for you team?

Brett, please stay retired. This isn't good for any party involved.

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