Sunday, July 20, 2008

Run went pretty well, considering the heat

Well, the race was delayed 10 minutes because of something called code black, i.e. it's quite dangerous to run with the humidity levels. So it started when the sun was completely down. The first mile was my best mile out of the almost five in this 8K. I tend to start out very quickly (for me) with the adrenaline and/or desire to get a bit ahead of the large pack of people. A lot of them will pass me but oh well. My first mile was 7:45, which for me is very good. This race had a couple small rolling hills, and we ran through the Montgomery College campus too. It was VERY humid so I slowed down a bit to make sure I wouldn't overheat.

All in all a good effort, 42:22, about 2 minutes behind my personal record, but very good considering the conditions. Yeah, even after 9 pm it was still like running in an oven with more moisture. But that's cool, and I kept my shorts up too! Well, I had to pull them up a bit twice to avoid a potential embarrassment. But that's a blessing in disguise because I need to tighten the same shorts that I would have had more issues fitting into them comfortably six months ago. I'm down 15-20 pounds since January 1, and hope to drop a couple more before my big hike in September, while doing some weight training as well.

For today, no running, taking the workout inside as it's miserably hot. 30 minutes on the stair climber, then a spin class. But beforehand, I need to get a new coffee maker. Mine's over two years old, and it seems to take 15-20 minutes just to brew coffee for me. So I'm going to Wal-Mart (which I VERY RARELY DO) to use a birthday card that was given to me in...........2006. I'll be so stressed out from fighting the crowds there that I'll work off the stress at the gym. he he


Bill-DC said...

Impressive at the weight loss Jeff. Keep it up. Glad you survived the race. Saturday was hot.

maryjanejeff said...

Thanks Bill. Saturday was a nightmareish day weather-wise, that's for sure. This Saturday looks a little better. On Sunday, 20 minutes on stairs / weights / spin class wiped me out pretty good.

Running tonight for the first time since Saturday. Looking forward to it. Monday was a spin class, as was Tuesday since it was too humid for me and I needed a break.

Last night I witnessed the third and final attempt to play the DCU-Houston match. From what I saw before the delay, which I left just before ten while the rain was slight and the lightning had left, Houston looked like a team getting ready to make another late season run.

A new challenge for me with night races is figuring out what's best to eat and when. Morning races, easy. Toast and bananas, with water and just enough coffee to wake me up. Night, it becomes more tricky. When do I have the grains/pasta? When do I have the fruit? I'll figure it out.