Sunday, June 22, 2008

Soccer played in the middle of a lakeside village, where's the marina with the ice cream freezer?

I flipped over to the USA-Barbados World Cup Qualifer (Yes, Spain-Italy in Euro 2008 gets top billing in my household, that's what happens when you have a major tournament quarterfinal vs a scrimmage that had an 8-0 goal advantage coming in) and what do I see?

A field that quite frankly looks like it may not even be 60 yards wide. Hell, this field makes Spartan Stadium look like a Nebraska plain. They've got some green seats put up in random spots, a couple of big video screens, and some houses that look like they are only 100 yards or probably a lot less from the grounds. No one is sitting in the seats on the TV side of the field. There's a boat stand or horse stable building behind one of the corners. Reminds me of a little lakeside village somewhere in the northeast where people go to their small summer homes. Where's the marina with the ice cream freezer?

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