Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My newest addiction: 5 Hour Energy

Okay I kicked a soda habit about 8 years ago. Food prices are forcing me to give up my Gatorade addiction. I'm still addicted to coffee but I don't drink as much of it as I used to. My new addiction is 5-Hour Energy. I'm reasonably active so I need a kick from time to time. The popular canned energy drinks: Not for me, too much sugar and sodium. Not to mention that they mess up my stomach. So if I need the kick and/or extra caffiene, 5-Hour Energy is my addiction on choice. I feel a bit stronger after drinking one, it helped me complete the 9-10 miles I ran in spurts tonight. I'm prone to addictions, so I might as well be addicted to something that doesn't do a number on my stomach via carbonation and sugar. There you have it, even if it doesn't help me save money. $3.99 at 7-11, $2 at my work.


Bill-DC said...

It's expensive but worth it. When I was getting up at 5:00 AM to go to work, I'd need a kick around 1:00 to get me thru the rest of the day and 5HE did the trick.

Some days I drink 'em, especially when I spend a day at the zoo with Benjamin and have to go to a dinner or party afterward. Those little bottles rock!

maryjanejeff said...

I definitely feel $2 is worth it! I recommended one to a coworker today but they were out of them.

Remember my review of G2? Didn't like it at first, now I drink more of it than Gatorade.

maryjanejeff said...

I should mention that I'm starting to see a whole bunch of commercials for 5-Hour Energy. Thay all bash the rush before the crash feeling you get from the caramel sugar and carbonated water, I mean standard energy drinks.