Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let the 5-Hour Energy Copycat Games Begin!

A week ago or so I described by addition to 5-Hour Energy bottles. Well, to make a long story short, I went to CVS during my lunch break to get an Odwalla Bar, and what do I see right next to 5-Hour Energy on the checkout counter? Copycat quick energy drinks!

Of course I had to buy a two pack of each out of curiosity. One tells of 6 Hours of Energy, the other 7. I haven't tried the latter yet, and since the bottles are at work, I don't remember the name. What I do remember is: Stay away from Extreme Energy 6-Hour Shot. One bottle allegedly has the caffeine of two cups of coffee as opposed to one for 5-Hour Energy. Way. Too. Much. Stay away, I needed to say it twice. All this drink did was make me an over-agitated, nervous, light-headed, and then flat out depressed wreck. Of course an issue with my car battery and car alarm contributed to the mayhem, but I was feeling like crap at work. All in all a day I'd rather forget. At least tomorrow's my birthday. I hope work and all is better, at least I know I'm running at night.

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