Sunday, June 22, 2008

New grill review: well, it got rain delayed

Since my apartment complex took out the charcoal pits and grill racks, I had to go to Target to get myself a grill. Thermos brand, $15 bucks, only took my not very mechanical butt 25 minutes to put together. Got my instant charcoal, my chicken, the BBQ sauce to put on said chicken, I'm set to grill a few days worth of lunches and tonight's dinner. Right? Wrong.

I'm sure the grill will work very well when my grillin' session doesn't get rain delayed like it did tonight. To make a long story short, the storm that I thought was going to the east of my complex started arriving earlier than I thought. The wind the a bigger problem at first, to tell you the truth. But I've had too many close calls with lightning to take any chances whatsoever. I packed up the food, dumped the water I brought on the coals, and brought everything inside.

In short, the good, I have a grill that I already enjoy using. The bad, I got rain delayed and 45 minutes after I have everything in, it is just now raining. sorry, I don't like thunderstorms that don't drop any rain, this goes back to my Colorado days where this was too common of an occurence in an area that needs all the water it can get. The I'll learn, even with instant briquets, I can't just toss a bunch of them in this smaller grill, light a match, and have chicken finished in 7 minutes like I could with a flame-broiled ribeye steak on a big grill pit. Gotta wait a bit until the coals get gray and hot before really gettin' grillin'.

All in all, I can't wait to grill again next weekend.

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