Monday, June 30, 2008

Fuel 7 Hour Energy Shot - one cup of coffee

Okay, the seven hour stuff has enough caffeine that you would find in one cup of coffee. This stuff didn't make me a complete nervous fup. No more of the six hour, two cups of coffee crap. I'm going to give away the second one that I have, or have it in place of coffee in the morning. But 5-Hour Energy is still the best.

Other running notes, I am going to sign up for a half marathon tonight. Wish me luck, as of right now I have never run more than 10-11 miles in one day in my life.


Franklin said...

Wow, 10 miles in one day? That's already quite a bit. Good luck with the half marathon!

I noticed you've tried some other energy shots... have you ever tried 6 Hour Power? I work for them and am happy to say that their energy shots are sugar free, have 0 calories, and come in 5 different tasty flavors. They also improve performance and enhance concentration. Check out these great 'pick me ups' here

By the way, I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. If you have any questions or would like to hear more info, feel free to send me an e-mail. I'd love to hear what you think of 6 Hour Power!

Franklin Keane
Brand Ambassador

maryjanejeff said...

I'm cool with you posting. I don't think 6 Hour Power is one of the drinks I've tried. Then again, I have stopped with the energy drinks for $ reasons. If I need one again, I'll consider 6 Hour Power.

Franklin said...

Hey, glad to hear it. 6 Hour Power comes in a tiny bottle but it still packs quite the punch though, and it doesn't create jitters or end in a crash like some other energy drinks. If you pick one up, feel free to send me an e-mail with your thoughts of it. Have a good day.

Franklin Keane

Anonymous said...

Whatever dude... Enough with the advertisement.

"Try it, but buy it first."

I took a 7-Hour just now, for the first time, and it works well. I hate the uneasy feel normal caffeine products provide me. I went to a local CVS store and saw that, now, these little shots come in 6-packs. Woe is me. I feel for the bargain and got one considering it's better to buy 6 for $11.99 than 1 (5 Hour Energy) for $2.99 (Yes, I'm including the $.99...)

They're nice, but, honestly, nothing competes with exercise, 4-6 regular to small meals, and, most importantly, SLEEP.

But on a Sunday with 8 hours or homework, one can only keep his natural sanity for so long.

Justice said...

5-hour is the original, and still the greatest.

Justice said...

I Google-searched 7 hour energy to see if it was as good as 5 hour because my mom was dumb and bought 7 hour instead, and that's how I found this blog.

maryjanejeff said...

It's always interesting to find out how people find my blog, or friends' blogs. Glad you found it. On the rare occasions that I take the energy stuff (I've cured the semi-addiction), it's 5 Hour Energy for me. Best combo of energy, taste, and lack of sugar feel. I can't handle traditional energy drinks very often because the sugar just sticks in my stomach.