Sunday, February 05, 2006

I moved, well almost, and it's Super Bowl time!

There's a reason why I haven't posted much recently. I moved to Northwest Denver, in the up and coming Highlands area, this weekend. Well, almost, I still have some clothes, a nightstand, and most of my cleaning stuff in the old apartment. I'm hoping to get down there before Thursday to finish the moving out job.

I love the new neighboorhood, check out what's right out my backdoor! Highlands Square rocks! If I need to eat good stuff, I have it right here. Coffee? Two great places right here. If I ever drink alcohol again, two great bars right here. If I make good on some threats :) to take up Yoga, there's a yoga center right here. This reminds me a bit of my old Davis Square stomping grounds in Somerville, MA, all that's missing is a light rail/subway stop. Not only that, but I'm just a short bike ride away from this and that park.

Super Bowl: I've changed my prediction on this game about thirty times. I really don't know what to expect, so here's my final answer: The team with the highest number under their name when the clock reads 0:00 and the quarter says 4 will win the game. I'm in a smart-assed mood today.

I'll post more about possibly taking up yoga in the near future.

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Bill-DC said...

Hope the move went smooth and enjoy your new digs.