Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yoga on hold for now

I have been thinking of taking up yoga for a couple months now. I need to get in better shape than I currently am, Wish I was more flexible, and want to engage myself in activities that will help me relax and focus more that I currently do. Therefore, yoga naturally popped into my head. There's a couple of studios right near me too. Hafta yoga been suggested to me, then power yoga. I need to do a lot more research on it before starting classes. Well, I'll have time since the "Gutt Buster" (abdominals bascially) class I went to last night kicked my ass so badly that I know I'm months away from being in yoga shape. That will give me time to start getting prepared, save some money for classes, and work towards starting something like this.

Beginner Yoga! Yeah. Suggestions appreciated. Off to another abs class tomorrow.

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