Saturday, February 11, 2006

Finally moved out of the old apartment

It took me three freaking hours to clean out the old apartment (cue BNL song referring to an old apartment). Of course I was only planning on it taking half that long, and the maintainence guy at the place told me on Monday all they look for is a good effort after I told him I'd make a best effort to clean everything. I think the old place looks damn good except for the stove, and I even tried to clean that.

Finally, all the stuff is in my new apartment, so it can take me two weeks to put everything away. This one has 100-120 less square footage and no balcony, but I filled my car's gas tank on my Monday lunch break. Even after two trips this week to the old place, 10-15 miles away, I still have nearly 3/4 of a tank left. I like not having to fill up every week already. Not to mention the other fun stuff I talked about in a previous blog.

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