Saturday, January 14, 2006

I guess this is my second round playoff preview

Seattle 34, Washington 6

While waiting for the Pats game at Blake Street Tavern in Denver, I chatted with some Redskins fans at the bar. We were all intially outraged that sean taylor got a penalty but Michael Pittman didn't for hitting taylor in the head, then were furious at taylor once we saw the spitting evidence, then watched the game. I had no rooting interest, but as happy as the Skins fans were to win, the sentiment was "Seattle's gonna kick our asses." I concur. The Seahawks can score on anyone, and even the Redskins' stellar defense will give up points to them. The Redskins' can't score unless they get turnovers, which Seattle won't give them. Blowout all the way

New England 26, Denver 20

I really hope the Pats can pull this off, seeing as the Broncos are the one team in this otherwise fantastic city that I can't f*****g stand, and I've been a Pats fan my whole life. I can say with confidence that with Seymour and Bruschi back, Denver won't run at will on us like they did last time. And as well as Jake Plummer has played this year, I'll take Brady over him 365/eternity in the playoffs. Add that second corner Darrent Williams will only play in nickel coverages, and the Pats will be able to move the ball through the air. If Corey Dillon shows up so Kevin Faulk can be a 10 carries a game / change of pace / screen-catching pass, we'll run the ball enough to win.

Indianapolis 34, Pittsburgh 17

I simply cannot see the Steelers staying with Indy for four quarters. Other than Polamaulu (spelling), the secondary is very suspect, and if Ryan Diem can come back and play, Indy has the two tackles to keep the pass rush at bay. The Colts won't do it all with finesse, just balance.

Carolina 12, Chicago 9 (OT)

Or Chicago 12, Carolina 9 in overtime. I can;t fogure this one out, besides that points will be real tough to come by. The Panthers are more playoff-tested, and have many more offensive options. Okay, Steve Smith, only one of the best two or three receivers in the game. So I guess they're my pick.


Bill-DC said...

This playoff year reminds me of the last time Joe Gibbs lead a team in the playoffs (1992 season). That year they won their first game in Minnesota, then a banged up team came into rainy San Francisco. Niners were favored but the 'Skins and Mark Rypien hung around before a late fumble cost them and they lost 20-13.

It's been raining in Seattle every day since 2002 and earlier in the year these two slugged it out, scoring 37 points combined. That game was at Danny World though.

Of course I want the Redskins to win. However, there are a lot of guys banged up and who is their go to receiver besides Moss and Cooley? Taylor Jacobs. Right.

Muck like that '92 Redskin team, the 'Skins will hang around in this game before falling 21-14.

I like the Pats to beat Denver because that's all they do in January is win.

Panthers-Bears will be interesting and I like your prediction of a tight game decided in OT.

I'm afraid the Bus stops running this weekend as the Colts are on a mission. Colts will win easily here.

maryjanejeff said...

Skins are doing a lot better than I thought so far. Seattle should hold on, but are in serious trouble next week if Alexander can't return. And if Kelly Herndon has to start in place of Andre Dyson, even more problems. Especially if more-balanced Carolina is the opponent in both instances.

Bill-DC said...

Tough loss but I'm proud of the Redskins effort. Next year. The one thing I'm really bummed about is there is nothing pro sports wise going on until April when DCU and baseball start up.

Bill-DC said...

I guess it is a good thing I don't make my living picking NFL games or else my cuisine would be ramen noodles and crackers.

maryjanejeff said...

Mine too, Bill. I'm still in therapy about that Pats turnover fest.