Sunday, January 01, 2006

What I missed in the NFL Today

A lot of the Pats' starters did not play very much. They lost. But I NEED to see the highlight film of Doug Flutie dropkicking (kicking the ball after it hits the ground) an extra point.

The Just End The Seasons, I mean Jets, can't even lose when they're supposed to. They screw everything up. Ah ha!

The Reggie Bush Bowl between 2-13 Houston and 3-12 San Francisco went to freaking overtime. Oy vey. I feel for the people that went to that game. Houston lost so they get the #1 pick in the 2006 draft. San Francisco couldn't have gotten the #1 pick with a loss, something to do with strength of schedule, but that's besides the post.

I don't have Mike Tice to pick on anymore. He got shitcanned less than an hour after the Vikings game today.

Dick Vermeil coached his last game for the Chiefs. I'll miss him. Seriously. Maybe his showing emotion/crying is over the top, but I'll always take a guy who cares that much about his craft.

The playoff matchups are now set for next weekend. In the AFC we have #6 Pittsburgh at #3 Cincinnati (early prediction: still not sure), and #5 Jacksonville at #4 New England (Pats 20-10). In the NFC it's #6 Washington at #3 Tampa Bay (no did Mike Alstott get in the end zone or not controversy but the Bucs win 20-17), and #5 Carolina at #4 New York Football Giants (don't know yet).

How far will the Pats go? I'd be a lot more confident about Super Bowl prospects if Rodney Harrison could play.


Bill-DC said...

The Redskins won a tough one at Philly to clinch a playoff spot. More important, the win knocked the hated Cowboys out. Even if the 'Skins lose to Tampa, the season is a success because they swept the Cowboys and kept them from making the playoffs.

Mike Tice got screwed in Minnesota. They fired him an hour after the game ended. Before the game was over, they put out a press release and his kid saw it before his Dad did. Low class, but this is the Vikings, who have been a half assed franchise for twenty years now and it's probably a relief to Tice that he's finished there. By the end of the month he will be employed again. Several coaches heads are expected to roll today.

Why do I care a lot about Mike Tice? He played for the University of Maryland in the late '70's and had a pretty decent NFL career over 12 years. Sure, he was a bone head for scalping Super Bowl tickets but I think he's a decent NFL coach. Maybe he'll come back to Maryland one day as head coach when Ralph Friedgen retires.

I loved seeing Doug Flutie make that drop kick. That was pretty cool of Belichick to have him try that. First drop kick points since 1941.

Let the playoffs begin. I love the first weekend of the playoffs. Two games each on back to back days.

maryjanejeff said...

That was pretty classess by Vikings ownership. But Tice is still too easy of a target to pick on. He'll get another chance at some point.