Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trail run in Great Falls - good but tiring

I went on a trail run of about 75-80 minutes through Great Falls Park, as well as not only the Difficult Run Trail outside the park but a private horse trail that I didn't know was private until I reached the end. The "owner" really needs to put the Private sign on the Old Dominion Road side of the trail if he/she doesn't want people doing what I did (unintentionally of course). Hiked the mile or two back to my car since I was tired, happy with what I ran especially after yesterday's run.

All and all a good day. One of the reasons why I pay $59.99 a month for an all clubs (35 in the area) membership at Gold's Gym is, well I can use tons of them. There was one on my way to do some shopping, in South Arlington. So I decided to ride the bike for a bit to get the lactic acid out of my legs, and do some abdominal work. South Arlington Gold's, you have big TVs in the cardio area, big plus. You are lacking in abdominal equipment though. However, I was very pleased to find out I'm even lighter than I thought. I had drank a bunch of water after my run to re-hydrate, but weighed in at 25-28 pounds less than I was on January 1. The lightest I've weighed in at in a long time, maybe since college! Of course I probably added a pound or two after dinner at Don Pablo's but I could have done worse food wise and a slight weight gain happens after dinner.

Tonight it's pack for Colorado and watch a little college football. Every year I tell myself I'm going to jettison my cable television. Then football season starts.


Bill-DC said...

Awesome Jeff! Keep it going. I'm down fifteen since July 15th thanks to diet and exercise.

maryjanejeff said...

Double awesome to you Bill! I've also noticed how the diet helps out a lot. I'm eating better than I have before and that really helps. Welcome back from Canada!

I'm going out on another run tomorrow night before flying out west. Running around like I will be will make a good diet tough but other than one big burger I'll pull it off.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a perfect day. you earned that dinner at don pablo's!

maryjanejeff said...

I did earn that dinner. All the running I've done helped me more than I can imaging on Saturday's hike. I don't think I lost any weight last week, no matter how hard you exercise it's tough to maintain a diet while running around on vacay. But I'm still 25 lbs or so down from New Years Day.

Hoping to run tomorrow but thunderstorms may prevent that. I'll have to hit the gym to see if my shoulder can handle weight work, it's a bit messy right now.