Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Human Race in Arlington

A couple of people from the Fun Runs out of Pacers Running Stores in Alexandria showed up to run the same run as I did. There were 20-25 people total, Pacers did a fantastic job putting this together. Running through the small but numerous hills of Arlington was a challenge but I'm glad I did it. Not a great time should the race had been timed, but considering I walked a little of the course because of cramps, it's all good. Yup, the Custis bike/running trail is one small hill after another.


Anonymous said...

i rode my bike instead of running on human race day - does that count!? ;-)

maryjanejeff said...

It sure does! Pacers had a "pace bike" to make sure everyone went the right way. Some of us still stopped and checked the map first, while others made wrong turns! he he