Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I symapthize with 99.999 percent of the homeless

Because heck I've probably been closer to being homeless than I care to admit. I am very sympathetic to those without a home to go to. There are a lot of people who lost jobs, their health failed, and/or were battered, et al. I empathize with them, but someone today is why I said 99.999 and not 100. I went into Au Bon Pain near the Archives / Navy Memorial / Penn Quarter Metro station in DC on my way to work. I went in there to get a coffee and a bagel, ended up with an adventure.

A presumably homeless man was wandering around and practically accosted people who were going into Au Bon Pain. I'm in line trying to get a coffee, and right in the middle of ordering, I notice they guy was within a foot of me asking me for money in an "I'm gonna mug you when get get outside" manner. Now, I'm just trying to get a coffee and I need to guard my wallet in anticipation of him trying to take it from me as I'm putting my change into it. Fortunately, the manager saw this, and walked right over towards him and in a cool, stern but not obviously threatening manner, and told "You can't do that in here, leave." After babbling at her for a minute or two, the guy finally left. When I was about to leave, I walked over and thanked her for doing that, she apologized to me for putting up with it, a very cool gesture.

Whenever I go for coffee or food before work from now on, it's to that Au Bon Pain. A potentially scary situation to great customer service to me a being a frequent customer in the future.

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