Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You play to win the game! All the time?

As a diehard New England Patriots fan, I should never root for the rival New York Jets. Ever. Unless a Jets win directly helps the Patriots, like a regular season win in Pittsburgh would have last season. However, I took a great deal of satisfaction from their win over Oakland on Sunday. Jets coach Herman Edwards, a well-respected person and coach even if his clock management skills are beyond poor, once went off on a reporter who asked him if the next game between his 1-5 Jets and San Diego meant anything. The famous quote that still gets radio airwave play today was "You Play To Win The Game!" Then, you played to win the game, since the Jets blew out the Chargers 44-13, and ended up a division champion at 9-7. However, should they have played to win the game on Sunday? I really enjoyed the Jets win because as a Pats fan, I know there is now no way whatsoever that we'll have to face Reggie Bush twice a season. The Jets just blew their chances at Bush, Matt Leinart, or a big package of draft picks and players via trade. Yeah Jets!

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David Lifton said...

C'mon, Jeff. You should know the Jets history well enough to know that, if the Jets had Bush, he'd suffer a career-ending injury on his third-ever play from scrimmage.