Saturday, December 10, 2005

Welcome to Jeff's House of Something.

I weclome all of you, or any of you, or even anyone, to Jeff's House of Something. What that something is, I do not know. I only know that this house will be a permanent work in progress. Hopefully, it will be an interesting house. Feel free to suggest a permanent name for me, I didn't want to call it Mary Jane like the URL for many reasons.

Maybe I should introduce myself or something like that. I'm a man of many interests and two jobs. By day, I am a Technology Solutions Specialist for USA Today's Denver Circulation Market. By night and one weekend day, I work in the Soft Goods Department at the Denver REI Flagship store Click here to see. Both positions are very rewarding on many levels. When not working, I'm an avid skier, hiker, rollerblader, coffee addict, sports fan, and many other things.

My blog' URL is MaryJaneJeff because my name is Jeff and the ski area Mary Jane, (not the plant with that name, while I don't use it I support its usage being decriminalized) quite frankly, kicks the asses of nearly every ski area out there. Click this link to Mary Jane for yourself, or take it from me: I used my remaining vacation days to ski there this past Monday and Tuesday. It was beyond sick, in a good way! The bumps were even better than their usual ass-kicking self. I could go on for an hour about how good the conditions were. Maybe I will at some point.

When not taking part in outside sports, you'd often find me keeping up with my favorite sports teams, in particular my hometown Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and the USA National Soccer Team. I also sort of follow NBA basketball and NHL Hockey, and do follow Major League Soccer and NCAA Hockey.

Speaking of USA Soccer, I really hope I'm wrong, but I was very nervous about today's World Cup Draw for good reason. While we avoided the "Group of Death" (Argentina, Holland, Ivory Coast, Serbia & Montenegro), the group we are in will be extremely difficult to come in first or second in, so I sadly do not think we will advance to the knockout rounds. The Czech Republic and Italy will be extremely tough to take points from, and Ghana will not be an easy team to play either. At least since we have to play Italy, it's in the group round where they tend to struggle. I don't see us advancing without an upset unless: draws in the first two games, a win over Ghana, and either the Czech Republic or Italy beating the other in their third game. I hope I'm wrong but my first thought is US fans can book their flights home for June 23 or 24; the first round ends on the 22nd.

Other sports commentary: Reggie Bush will win the Heisman going away, he should be the number one pick next year, not Matt Leinart. Every single time Bush gets near a football, he's a threat to take it to the house for a touchdown. Granted it will get tougher to breaks lots of 60 or 70 yard runs at the next level, but he's something special. I haven't seen a player as dynamic as him since at least Barry Sanders, if ever. The Patriots will end up 11-5, maybe win one playoff game, but that's it for this season. Too many injuries and losses, it's as simple as that. They get a free pass from me after what they've done the last four years. I like a lot of the Red Sox' offseason moves. Edgar Renteria was not going to fit in with the Sox and the fishbowl they live in, Josh Beckett could be a 15-24 win, 300 strikeout guy for a dozen years, and Mark Loretta's a solid second baseman. What we still need is more bullpen depth, a shortstop (get Orlando Cabrera back please), and a backup catcher who can catch Wakefield's knuckleball.

Non-sports commentary: I'm tired right now so I'm going to stop posting other than to say Denver's treating me well, and I'll post more thoughts on some things as I have the time. Peace.


Adam said...

Marijuana Jeff?

Well, hey, at least you're on the right side sports-wise.


Ian said...

What about the laundry? WHAT ABOUT THE LAUNDRY?

maryjanejeff said...

Just a note on the pot thing. I take my blog name from Mary Jane Mountain, part of Winter Park, CO. While I do not use marijuana, I completely support efforts to decriminalize it. IMHO it's far less dangerous to others' well-being than alcohol, and thus a lesser law enforcement concern. One of these days I may turn this into an extended blog entry.

Nico said...

Welcome to the addictive world of blogging.

Bill-DC said...

I got into this as well. Here is mine so far. Still a work in process. I added your link along with Dave's.


Bill-DC said...
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maryjanejeff said...

Bill, I'll add your Blog to my list as well.