Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year, Powder Defeats Drinks and $$$$

As I get older, I become less and less interested in the whole New Years Eve charade each year. For starters, there are too many amateurs and drunks on the streets of fill-in-the-city of your choice here. You have people who go out once or twice a year who can't handle themselves and subsequently can easily ruin the fun for others. They don't call it amateur night for nothing, you know. In addition, the amount of money that would leave my wallet tonight would add up to be a lot more than I am comfortable with right now. I need to save up for other fun. While Denver is not as bad as other cities in this regard, I have a big problem paying fifty plus dollars just to get in certain establishments. Then most places jack up the drink prices, so I think I'll find something else to do, thanks.

I rarely go out on New Years Eve anymore, 2003 was the last time I went out, to a friend's party in Stoneham, MA. I like to have a good time and a few beers, but I'm proud to say all I drank that night was non-alcoholic beer since I had to drive for about an hour afterwards. Gotta watch out for the cops, and even more seriously, the other drivers on the road. Believe me, I respect everyone’s decisions and realize that 99 percent of the revelers are well-behaved. It’s just not for me at this stage of my life.

Living in Colorado, I'm blessed to be within two hours of many ski areas, all of which have plenty of snow. Therefore, I'm going to same thing I did last New Years Eve, have some pizza for dinner, get my ski gear packed, and get ready to rip it up at Copper Mountain! I can't wait, more snow is expected tonight and tomorrow in the mountains. It has snowed for all three of my ski days so far this season, I'm very confident this will be 4 for 4.

Everyone else can have the ridiculous cover charges in LoDo and marked up drinks, I'll take the powder on the slopes and we'll call it a deal. I win. I just hope the traffic on I-70 isn't too bad afterwards. :)

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Bill-DC said...

Happy New Year Jeff!