Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Owned The Podium Today! Well, Sort Of.

Our friends to the north have nothing on me, except for Alexander Keith, what has to be the greatest wilderness on earth, tons of great food, rivers, lakes, the original Molson, a better economy, and Bob and Doug McKenzie. But I owned the podium today, damnit! Without getting anyone disqualified either!

I owned the podium by coming in second in my age group in a 10K race at Fort Hunt Park today. And the guy in my group who finished ahead of me didn't stick around for the awards. Bascially, we ran around the park five times on a flat loop with one tiny uphill. Needless to say, it was a course conducive for fast times. I won a nice shopping bag from DC Roadrunners. I will make great use of that, and of another accomplishment. Another PR. 43:13, best 10K on its own by 1:48, best 10K split by :34.

Great day today that ended with another yoga class. No headstand, it wasn't part of the practice tonight. But that's fine, I am more than comfortable with what I did to end.....possibly my second favorite Sunday of the year after Super Bowl Sunday, the day Daylight Savings Time starts. Bye.

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