Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thai Review: Neramitra Thai, Crystal City

Okay, I am finally ready to review some Thai Restaurants. My gigantic, super-galactic audience knows that I am a big fan of Kanlaya on 6th Street NW in DC and the Pad Thai Noodles at Red Mei Cafe in Old Town Alexandria. They also know about Thai Nakon Ping in North Conway, NH, a pleasant addition to the Route 16 strip that is dear to my heart and loaded with memories.

But, it is time to actually write a restaurant review. I am a Thai food junkie, as is Zandria. This past Wednesday we were able to visit Neramitra in Crystal City. Now, my reviews may not talk about the restaurant decor as much as "professional" reviews. Well, those reviewers are getting paid, I'm just doing this to blow off steam in between study sessions. So for me, the decor was cool enough. A pleasant setting for sure.

But I care more about the food. Is it good? Does it take forever to get to you? Is it overpriced market-wise? If the answers are Yes, No, and No than you are doing well. Neramitra did well for sure. For an appetizer, I ordered Kanon Jeeb dumpings, while Zandria ordered the Summer Rolls. I am a dumplings fanatic, and feel about them the same way most Asian restaurant aficionados feel about Pad Thai. That is, if a restaurant fudges those up, they don't get business.

But at Neramitra, the dumplings were very good. I don't recall ever having water chestnut as part of an order of dumplings, but there was no net effect on the quality of the food offering. The pork and shrimp were mixed together perfectly and steamed very well (I avoid fried foods for the most part). Zandria really liked her Summer Rolls, which I will probably get on a return visit. For dinner I ordered the Kao Soi Noodles with shrimp. I never had noodles in the yellow curry in this manner before. I really enjoyed it. It almost tasted like a hybrid fusion of Thai and Indian dishes. The shrimp were a perfect, fresh, compliment to the noodles.

Bottom line, I'm not sure how the star system works but Neramitra was very enjoyable. I have a series of 5K races on Friday in Crystal City this April and plan on making a return visit then for more Thai food. Next stop, we'll see when I can go out to eat again. :)

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