Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thai Restaurant Reviews, coming soon, I promise

Over the weekend, in between the first session of my Project Management Class, a free Yoga For Runners Class in Fairfax, VA, and a trail run......I will post a review of a Thai Restaurant. I promise. I will review every Thai restaurant I go to, in more details than here.

Until then, vote my poll, discuss the latest Armageddon, I mean tonight's Capitals-Penguins hockey game, and enjoy. And, give me some Thai Restaurants to try. Not Neramitra Thai though. Tried it, liked it, and that will be my first not really official but longer than two sentence review.


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maryjanejeff said...

What country are you from this week? Burkina Faso? Albania? Bealrus? Nigeria? Which country will the next "I need money" email come from?