Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Anyone else exercise in the morning?

I am really bad at trying to squeeze in every last second of sleep in the morning, and have never been great at waking up willingly to begin with. Therefore, I've never exercised very often in the morning, preferring to work out after the work day to work off the stress et al of the day. Seeing friends at my running group also keeps me running at night.

I bring this up because with the recent changing of the clocks, I thought about starting running a couple mornings a week. Get the run in before work, I know every time I see people running on the National Mall when I walk to work, I wish I was running with them. An additional problem besides waking up got in the way, the commute to work. Getting up, eating something (I NEVER run on an empty stomach), getting the five miles in, stretching, showering, eating an actual breakfast, and making sure I get on a 7:15 metro train to be at work by 8? Too many variables that would stress me out more than I already am in the morning, rendering the workout counter-productive. Nope.

In September I committed myself do waking up 20 minutes early and doing a 20 minute basic yoga workout each work day. I am getting very close to doing this every workday, and really enjoy it. I bought a few DVDs earlier this year when I started practicing yoga. I use two in particular, one by a guy name Rodney Yee that came with my beginner kit. The second is a yoga for weight loss DVD by Suzanne Deason, which is the longer of the two so I use it when I get up earlier than normal. I find that I feel a little looser and ready to get on with the day after a little basic yoga. If only I practiced on my own more often with the other videos that I have. :)

Do any of you have morning workout rituals that you follow? Does working out in the morning help you get ready for the day? Are you lucky enough to bike commute and get your workout in that way? If you have any suggestions for me, post away.


djwiersma said...

I can't get up early enough to work out during the week. I am fortunate to have access to a rec center, though, so I run at lunch during the week.

maryjanejeff said...

You've got rec center, I've got National Mall. Given how long it would take to me to negotiate my way to the showers in my government building, you win. Half marathon in the snow in 14 hours.