Monday, July 06, 2009

Did Facebook eat my blog?

Remember the old "the dog ate my homework" excuse? Well, I'm asking if Facebook ate my blog. And other blogs. While it's a great tool to keep up with friends, post random thoughts about life, get in touch with people (heck, my 4th plans were made there!)...... I don't seem to ever update this blog anymore because it seems easier to post stuff on Facebook if I feel like talking about something I did.

Well, I am taking my blog back! Or at least until the next time I get preoccupied and do not update it for a bit! Since the last time I updated my blog, I have:

Hiked Mount Washington again. Summit trip #5. Nearly got blown off of the mountain about 20 times, but 60-70 mph sustained winds goes with the territory. This was on Memorial Day but I did not see a soul on the Boott Spur Trail until I got to the Davis Path on the ridge. Lions Head was a tougher decent than I remembered it being. Pictures of the Boott Spur Trail. I'm looking for a picture of Split Rock, where I ate the first half of my lunch. It's cool. I've found one, not of me.. Making at least one more trip up the best mountain ever in August.

Travelled to Nelson County, VA (No stoplights!) Hiked near Crabtree Falls, overshot the AT junction and added an hour to a hike, and didn't make it to The Priest Mountain. Wait till next time.

Ran a 10 mile race in Baltimore for some great bling bling, even if it was actually 10.2 miles. I received this email from the Race Director after the race:

"Thank you for participating in the 2009 University of Maryland Heart Center Baltimore 10-Miler. Although the weather was not what we wanted, it was overall a good day. (Some would say we jinxed ourselves by offering waterproof jackets as the premium; we like to say we had the foresight to predict the weather far in advance of race day...)

Interruption of quote, The Bling Bling rocks!

There is some question as to whether the course was long. Although the 2009 course was certified accurately, it does appear that the mat on the up and back portion of Red Road was placed at the 2008 location, making the course 2/10 mile longer than it should have been. We take full responsibility for this error. We have had numerous conversations with the timing company to see where the miscommunication occurred and what we can do to make sure it does not happen again. Please accept our apologies."

No wonder why the last two miles felt like they were longer than two miles, and I went from just barely off my PR pace to 2 1/2 minutes off at the end. Adjusted 10 mile pace was only 1 minute 1 second off my PR, excellent for a race with the involved hills! Apology accepted, those things happen.

Cured my recurring knee problems with a magic $16 remedy ... Spenco insoles! Placed them in the 1223s, no more knee issues! Woohooo!

Completed a headstand in yoga class, albeit with some assistance. I am still making more progress than I ever thought I would, although I dropped out of the headstand prematurely in a "oh crap, I'm actually doing this, what do I do?" manner. Believe in yourself.

Celebrated a birthday with some friends in Old Town Alexandria. I'm old but can still have fun from time to time.

Had a great 4th of July weekend that encompassed a 35 mile bike ride through Prince William Forest Park, my first ever trip to Wegmans, now known as the Greatest Grocery Store on Planet Earth, losing my prescription sunglasses (the one thing that sucked), a trip to Gravelly Point to watch fireworks with friends, some Sam Adams Beer, and a great yoga class to end the weekend in style.

I've probably posted snippets of three quarters of this on Facebook already. Heck, that's why I asked if Facebook ate my blog? Has anyone else blogged less since they joined the hordes at Facebook?


Bill-DC said...

Each time you update your blog, put a link to it on your facebook page. There your friends on facebook can access it. I think I've increased my readership from five to eight this way LOL!

maryjanejeff said...

That'll work. Of course I have to hit five readers first. :D And come up with a general theme. But I've struggled with that for years.

Bill-DC said...

Just leave it the way it is Jeff, it's great writing. I've learned a lot reading your thoughts on a lot of things outdoors.

maryjanejeff said...

Many thanks Bill. I tend to focus on yoga, running, and outdoor adventures so I'll probably keep it that way. Lots of things to write about come August. At least one hike on Mount Washington, a 10 mile race in Annapolis, and some tubing tales to be told for sure.

Zandria said...

Oh, my problem exactly! When I post short snippets about my life as soon as they happen, I just don't have the motivation to write about it AGAIN, in more LENGTH, at some later date. Maybe I should have Facebook automatically update my blog...? :)

maryjanejeff said...

Facebook auto updating the blog....double brilliant! I will need to make a blog entry this week, as what happened to make me almost make two trips to the DL in 4 hours......Facebook can't do it justice. And I haven't even gotten to the race that I didn't really race because of the earlier blood donation that I still managed to finish in under 9:00 / mile.

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