Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy MonFriday everyone!

It's not Black Friday, it's not I'm scared of Mall Traffic and getting trampled by three fourths of suburbia to get a sale price that isn't really all that much lower than you'll get next week this year Friday, it's not the college football games aren't gonna really get footbal fans fired up Friday, it's not everyone but us contractors and those who want to get stuff done on a quiet day Friday either.

Then what is it? Well since yesterday, the Thanksgiving Holiday, was a no-work day followed by a work day, it was Sunday in my twisted world of something. Since is a work day after a no work day, it's Monday. But it's also Friday because that's what the calendar says, hence the new name for the Friday after Thanksgiving that I present to the world....

Happy MonFriday! It's the one day of the year, well except for Christmas this year for those who take part in that, that is both Monday and Friday at the same time! Enjoy MonFriday! I know I enjoyed the EMPTY Metro, and look forward to hitting the gym after work.


zandria said...

At my workplace we worked on Columbus Day so we could have off the day after Thanksgiving. I prefer it this way, although I'm sure the empty Metro was nice. :)

maryjanejeff said...

This was the first year in forever that I did not have to work on Columbus Day. A paid holiday is always nice; even as a contractor, I get the holiday since I work at a government facility.

Most people prefer not to work the day after Thanksgiving. I'm not as "holiday-ey" as most people so I'm cool either way. I would take a floating holiday at another time if ever given the option to work or not work. It's an easy day at work. And my post-work workout at the gym was fantastic. Nobody there, everyone was already shopped-out!