Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jon Lester Rules The World Once Again

I cannot stay up to watch baseball games that start at 10 pm on a weeknight. Not when a busy job calls the next morning. I fell asleep last night just after the Red Sox fell behind 1-0. After Jed Lowrie's error, I said to myself, tough break, I wasn't expecting them to win this series, I just hope that he doesn't let it get to him. Well, he led off the two run ninth inning with a single, so it didn't phase him. And Jon Freaking Lester! Clutch. Seven innings of one run baseball for the win. This kid just gets better and better, and has been the Sox' number one pitcher this season. Awesome start!

Tomorrow night is a 9:30 start and a late night, seeing as Dice K is starting (He's had a great year but he throws tons of pitches per inning) and playoff games have longer Tv timeouts, and it'll be 1:30 or late before the game ends. It's either Southside or home for me. And lots of sleeping on Saturday, seeing as I'm taking part in the Army Ten Miler on Sunday.

Go Red Sox! And Jon Lester rules the world.


charlotteharris said...

Go YOU! Have a great time at the race Sunday.

maryjanejeff said...

Why thank you! I don't think I'm going to "race" since it will be very crowded with 26,000 participants in it. If Ukrop's 10K, a similarly sized race, is any indication of what to expect, the first mile or so is so crowded that you're barely running anyways. Of course I'll keep a stopwatch time but I'm not expecting to pull anything close to recent 10K or 5K paces.