Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The best burrito is at ..... It's the December Election ..... Burrito Election!

Okay, let's have a December Election. Not the possible runoff for the Senate seat in Georgia, but a Burrito Election. Because I said so. And because most people seem to like burritos. And it's more fun to argue about burritos than politics, which guess what Batman?! We get to argue about again in Virginia...next year! Statewide races, Governor, Delegates. Yeah, election overload.....let's talk about food.

Where is it? Chipotle, with the biggest burritos of the bunch but a bit bland in some people's mind? I know I like the burritos but find the chips (a huge food weakness of mine) very over-salted and not in a Cape Cod chips cool way. California Tortilla, the new contender on the block? They have the most variety that's for sure. I really like their Havana Chicken burritos and salads. They've moved near the top of my list recently, especially with the burrito bucks program. Moe's? Very boisterous staff, go on Mondays for the best deals, the fish burritos are really good. Qdoba? Based out of Denver, there aren't a lot of locations around here, but it makes for a great post-Shenendoah NP dinner stop, just before braving I-66. I dock points from them for discontinuing the Mole burrito though. Carlos's cart of 16th and K? Outstanding but I don't work over there anymore, I hope he's still around. That was the best, freshest, quick lunch I ever found in DC. Or is it Illegal Pete's Chicken Pesto burrito in Denver? Hint hint it's this one.

Others I have liked in the last were the Picadillo Burrito at Picante Mexican Grill in Cambridge, Viva Burrito's fish burritos in Denver, which are smaller and more of the traditional Mexican style. In Colorado ski country, Frisco, Dillon, you name it, Fiseta Jalisco's are great too, and they serve tons of chips while your dinner is cooking. If you have any other favorites, please comment on them, early and often, Daley-style. I'm always up for finding new options, and truthfully I could use the help with the independent sit-down Mexican restaurants since I usually order tostadas when I am there.


djwiersma said...

I'll go with Chipotle. I was big into Illegal Petes going to school in Boulder, but their staff are almost always jerks about ordering. Their guac is not as good either.

I liked Qdoba for a while because they had other offerings besides burritos, like nachos, but their chicken is too greasy.

Chipotle's got better ingredients, better guac, and a clearer taste. I agree that sometimes their chips are a bit too salty or limey.

I'll try out Jalisco's if I'm up in the mountains.


maryjanejeff said...

If I need the few extra calories to keep me strong through a run or workout 4-6 hours down the road, then I go to Chipotle for the size. And I've never had issues with any ingredients there at all, a lot of people think their burritos are bland for some reason.

To be honest, I never went to the Illegal Pete's in Boulder. Sorry to hear their staff was all grumpy up there, you figure they'd want the business.

The one local independent restaurant I've been to in Fairfax County out here was so-so, the pupusas were better than the burrito.

Anonymous said...

Freebird's World Burritos in College Station, Austin, D/FW, Houston, and... Santa Barbara, CA.

Anonymous said...

For me it is Qdoba all the way, I like all the choices and the ancho chile sauce (basically bbq) is really good. Quesadillas are great and I like the chips. I'd go to Chipotle if there wasn't a Qdoba nearby

maryjanejeff said...

Qdoba definitely has better chips than Chipotle, no doubt. Qdoba, Moe's, And Cal Tort are about the same in that regard. djwiersma, another thing about Fiesta Jalisco, the chips are not only plentiful but big. http://www.fiestajalisco.net/ I'm getting homesick again......

maryjanejeff said...

I ended up at Qdoba for lunch today and forgot how good the Ancho Chile BBQ burrito was. I got the other white meat, not the chicken. It was great eating outside on the rare 70 degree day in November, that's for sure.

maryjanejeff said...

I hope everyone got their free burrito from Moe's today!

Anonymous said...

Taco Del Mar is awesome and nobody has mentioned it on any blogs yet! or maybe it's just called Del Mar's...but I think it began in Seattle:

Bradlick Shopping Center
6920 G Bradlick Shopping Center
Annandale, VA 22003

They have the best fish tacos ever and their ingredients are even fresher than Chipotle. I actually think Chipotle's burritos are junk compared with the Mondo Burrito at Del Mar's...CHECK IT OUT

maryjanejeff said...

Next time I have a group run at Lake Accotink or even Wakefield Park, I'll have to check that place out for a nice lunch.

Went to Baja Fresh a few weeks ago after a Friday Night run. Forgot how good their salsa was for a bit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who likes Del Mar's in Annandale (or is it Springfield? Not sure where the border is)

Del Mar's has fish which is enough for me to go there instead of Chipotle. I like Del Mar's chicken much better as well. After comparing their nutritional web sites I was shocked to see how much salt is in Chipotle's food.

Jeff, do you live near Del Mar's? Have you tried it yet?

Here's a tip, sign up for their email list and you get great discount offers. Last week they had a Taco Salad and Coors light for less than $5. They also have a cool "Forgiveness Taco" promotion this week where you can send a free taco e-card to any friends you owe an apology. Both are on their website tacodelmar.com

maryjanejeff said...

To whoever you are, thank you for the tip. I still have not been over to Del Mar but need to rectify that.

I was in my native Boston last weekend, next time I go I need to go to Boloco: http://boloco.com/

I never realized how salty the food is at Chipotle, definitely something to consider going forward. It's Cal Tort today to use up the rest of my burrito bucks.