Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening FUKUDOME Day!

Opening Day Commentary: Kosuke Fukudome had quite a day for himself, huh? While it's unfortunate for Cubs fans that they lost, that is one impressive debut. You hit a game tying three run jack in the ninth and rake Ben Sheets for a double on the first pitch you see in a regular season game, you're pretty good. I look forward to seeing more from him this season. Speaking of the HR, I saw it on the tv at the gym, which prompted me to bellow out, Yeah same old Gagne without the juice. Sorry Brewers fans, but he sucks ass and you're stuck with him.

Twins fans, from what I gathered from the same TV, game Torii Hunter a nice ovation when he batted for the first time, and he tipped his batting helmet in response. Good to see, The Human Web Gem has always been one of my favorite non-Red Sox players. I see ex-Red Sox Eric Hinske hit a home run for the Rays today in a win at Baltimore. Hinske will always be cool for two things, s diving catch to help save a May win vs Detroit when he smashed his face into the warning track in the process, and running over Jorge Posada last September in a close play at the plate.

Also pleased to know that at least for day games in the US, the first pitch in MLB was thrown in Cincinnati, the AL first pitch in Detroit. Just like it used to be. A bit weird with the 1-1 Red Sox not playing bit oh well.

What I do not like: if ESPN is going to show montages indicating this season is the last season on Yankee Stadium every other inning when the freaking Yankees aren't even playing I'm going to turn off the damn channel. Go Sox!!! My first projection: 2-2 heading into Toronto. That won't be bad at all seeing as they always have trouble in Oakland (while games 1-2 were in Tokyo the A's were still the home team).

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