Sunday, December 07, 2008

Trader Joe's: My New Beer Store!

Not only are their "formerly plastic bottle" shopping bags as cool as hell, but I never knew how much good beer could be found there! Yeah, at Trader Joe's. For my friends' holiday party, I contributed some high quality beer: Stockyard Oatmeal Stout, friends liked the Trinity Red Ale, and the latest Winterfest Double Bock. Now I know Gordon Biersch and other brewers have contracts with Trader Joe's to brew beer. But I got the beer at Trader Joe's, it was good beer, and for a good price or $5.99 per six pack. So it's now my beer store on the rare evenings I drink. I no longer have to be frightened by the $18.49 "sale price" for a case of Bud Light cans.


zandria said...

They have super-good prices on wine, too. And there's a location not far from where I live. So why has it been a year since I've been there? Good question!

maryjanejeff said...

The reason why you haven't been there is probably because so many people trying to get into such a small store with tiny, narrow aisles makes it a bit of a clusterbleep. But once you leave and realize what you got for really not a lot, you end up quite happy.

I got a big package of pasta for 99 cents, great for night before long run dinners. Also got some sea salt which I really like. So it wasn't just beer that I bought although in an age where 12 packs of Miller Lite and Bud Light for $10.99 is considered cheap beer, I'll keep crowing about Trader Joe's!

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