Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If you're a Patriots fan, you may want to read this

I know the blog title is a bit cumbersome, but calling it jeffinalexandria wouldn't really differentiate it from other Jeffs and blogs now would it? http://patsblogfromalexandriava.blogspot.com is my little blog about the New England Patriots, who I will never abandon. I was on the bandwagon for the 2-14 and 1-15 seasons of 20-25 years ago and aren't jumping off just because Brady's out for the season.


Bill-DC said...

Yeah, I'm always on the horse for the 'Skins and Orioles despite the two owners completely bungling up these once proud franchises.

Pats will be ok as long as the O-line keeps Cassel on his feet.

maryjanejeff said...

I hear that about staying on the bandwagon. If the Os ownership can pull their heads out of their asses, they will draw again. When I went to the Maryland Sports Legends Museum in July I was impressed with how deep the baseball tradition runs in Baltimore.

I still think the Pats win the AFC East. Good point about the O Line. RG Stephen Neal being out really hurt in the Super Bowl. Matt Light struggles with elite speed rushers, but who doesn't?