Saturday, May 10, 2008

But if he was stoned, he must have done it. Whatever.

Okay, since I really have no life, I was reducing to just browsing sports web pages to see if there was anything of not I missed about anything. Mike D'Antoni the Knicks new head coach? Not news. As long as stephon marbury is still on the team, I can laugh at them at will. Now if David Lee gets traded to Phoenix as compensation, that would be news as that would supposedly cause Knick fans to blow a couple million gaskets. Jonathan Papelbon blowing two games in the ninth inning? Concerning news, but even the best miss them once in a while, besides he had help from Julio Lugo on Wednesday. Cautions early in the NASCAR race at Darlington? Not news, I guess that happens about 25 times a race there. Tomas Holmstrom taking a diving penalty? Definitely not news. O.J. Simpson confessed to the murder while baked off his skull?..............

Remember O.J. Simpson? If I did it? Well, fourteen years after he allegedly killed his wife and her friend, if he did it, a former manager of something O.J. did, or something like that, claims in a book that O.J. confessed that not if, he did do it, after he was acquitted. Oh wonderful, if the media is like I think they are, if I turn on the radio next week, I'll hear about this. If this book actually hits shelves, we get to hear about it again. Whatever. Great, this useless piece of trash will be back in the public eye.

Do I think O.J. killed them? Yeah. Would I have voted to convict him if I was on the jury? No. That prosecution team made Rusty Hardin seem like Einstein. If I had anything better to do, I'd get ready for my trail run tomorrow.

What I really want to know is, was O.J. in the White Van when he lit up and where did he hide what he couldn't smoke. That way someone else can waste their own time waging their tiny part on the stupid war on drugs.

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