Monday, December 04, 2006

Jeff's Take on eliminating excess Bowl Games

Florida and Michigan can go back and forth on who should play in the national championship on Janaury 8. I want to argue about which excessive bowl games cna be eliminated. Because I'm like that. Anyway, there are 32 games now, probably twice as many as there should be. Sure, a bowl game is a nice reward for a good season, a vacation for friends and families of the program, a road trip for fans to have a blast, extra weeks of practice, you get the picture. But you do not need 32 bowls, sorry. Too many mediocre teams are making postseason trips, making this a prime example that sometimes too much of a good thing may not be good. Besides, I can't watch all of these games, so it's time to stop the insanity.

So we're going to cut as many of these games as we can, we'll figure out how to get some of the schools in non-BCS conference in there instead of 6-6 teams from BCS schools at some point. It is assumed that the January 1 and BCS Bowls are not going anywhere, so I won't talk about them. Let's begin with the rest:

POINSETTIA: San Diego is a wonderful city and prime vacation destination for sure, but it does not need two bowl games. Especially when final exams are still winding down at many schools. Adios.

LAS VEGAS: Before the holiday, during the last day of exams, it doesn't matter. People will ALWAYS go to Vegas, maybe even me someday. This one's a keeper just because it's Vegas.

NEW ORLEANS: This is meant to be a fun post, but this entry is more serious. Normally a very minor bowl like this would be amongst the first to go, but the New Orleans area can use any infusion of cash that people travelling to the game and two teams can bring. Make sure the Crescent City does not need to shell out a dime and keep their second bowl game.

PAPAJOHN'S.COM: HUH? Their pizza is overrated, and they already own the naming rights to Louisville's stadium. No bowl game for you, go work on improving your decent but unexceptional pizza. Go to Santarpio's in East Boston and/or Basil Doc's in Denver if you want to learn how to make the really great pies.

NEW MEXICO: The New Mexico Lobos are 6-6, and are in the Mountain West Conference. Not to bag on the MWC, but a powerhouse league it ain't. This game shouldn't exist yet. But if someone provides me with the opportunity to cover the game in between skiing at Taos and Angel Fire, chillin' with people in Santa Fe, and eating killer chile, then the bowl comes back in style.

ARMED FORCES: Bless our armed forces forever, but they can sponsor the Liberty Bowl. Here's why: Fort Worth could not even sell out this bowl game when the very entertaining Boise State Broncos were playing Texas Christian. The latter is located in Fort Worth. Not only does this bowl break in the cutting board, but Fort Worth is banned from applying for another bowl game. Ever. Forever.

HAWAII: I thought Sheraton used to sponsor this game. It's weird to see an 8 pm ET kickoff and sunshine on the TV. I don't know why, since no one ever goes to this game unless Hawaii is bowl eligible, but I guess we'll keep it. Wait, I need something to watch on Christmas Eve night!

MOTOR CITY: Finally, a Michigan school playing in a bowl in Michigan. This one survives because I'm in a good mood and it's a short trip for one team. But it's on probation.

EMERALD: Did this used to be the Silicon Valley Classic? Or the Diamond Walnut? Or the game that ESPN2's feed kept getting lost two years ago? I'm sick of asking about this game, see you later.

INDEPENDENCE: Are the casinos in Shreveport-Bossier City cool enough to keep people around? Will a lot of the tourism dollars help hurricane-damaged areas recover? If so, keep it. If not, trash it.

HOLIDAY: San Diego keeps this gem of non-January games. Not only does it have a reputation for putting on a first-class event for everyone involved with the game, the game itself almost always goes down to the final minute. Chris Fowler or someone at ESPN calls it the best non-January 1 bowl game, all things considered. His word's good enough for me. Supreme Keeper!

TEXAS: Texas has brisket, South Padre Island, and Mark Cuban. It does not need this game, and neither do we. This one's toast, and not Texas toast, as soon as Rutgers leaves the stadium.

MUSIC CITY: I have to work that afternoon so I'm indifferent. You're one 34-3 snoozer away from being told to take a hike. And not to the Smokies.

SUN: I have been told by people who have traveled to this game that Sun Bowl (stadium) has a gorgeous backdrop against the mountains near El Paso. And the game itself produced two onside kicks that were run back for touchdowns one year. And that I'd like to visit El Paso someday. Keep it!

LIBERTY: Memphis, Elvis, Ribs, Beale Street, Graceland, and the name of the game! In the name of Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, all of our armed forces personnel, and veterans, keeper! Regardless of our stances on Iraq and other political happenings, we can be proud of what they do. This game stays forever.

INSIGHT: The NFL N needs to learn to put the starting time of their games on their initial commercials before they need to broadcast this game. We don't need to watch it, either.

CHAMPS SPORTS: Are you kidding me? Even if it doesn't conflict with finals at UVA this year, this game sucks. Orlando has a January 1 bowl anyway. It's a small world without this game. A smaller one with it. Buh bye.

MEINEKE CAR CARE: Charlotte sold out this game the first time it was played. It still draws decent crowds. Navy is a bowl-worthy team too. Keeper. I don't think there are any Meineke Car Care centers near where I live, but they can still sponsor it.

ALAMO: Usually a very close game, always seems to get teams with large travelling contingents. It can stay if it wants to.

CHICK-FIL-A: Like the Falcons, this game used to draw 3,000 people in the old Fulton County Stadium. It now has a reputation for being a great show. It's in Atlanta, but not a pro sports event. Therefore, it will bring people to the game, both local and travelling. Makes the cut.

MPC COMPUTERS: BOISE! BLUE TURF RULES! For the blue turf alone, this one stays in the lineup and always will. Besides, Boise is supposed to have killer mountain biking and hiking.

As long as the game outdraws a Maple Leafs scrimmage, it stays two years. Just kidding. I'll let this game have a shot.

GMAC: Not that I know what GMAC is off the top of my head, but I guess Mobile as a community really supports this game. I'm confirming that with Nico, but it's a keeper.

Damn that was long. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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